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Help us address a big issue we are currently facing, single use plastic and ocean pollution.  We are developing an app using artificial intelligence, image recognition and geolocation to identify single use plastic products in realtime and guide on how to recycle them responsibly. We create an instant solution and place it in peoples' hands.  



How does the HELPFUL app work? 

Take a photo of your plastic, we identify it and guide you on how to recycle it responsibly.  For every plastic you recycle, you earn HELPFUL Coins (our digital currency). You can use them to get eco-friendly products, such as re-usable water bottles to help you refuse single use plastic. 

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HELPFUL is a privately owned, London based ‘technology for good’ company, developing an AI powered social impact blockchain platform.


The app will be available in May 2018. 

We are looking for Beta testers, please join us!