About us

HELPFUL is a London based start up that helps people live a plastic free life and get rewarded for their sustainable living.

We developed an app and smart bins technology to help people recycle plastics like coffee cups and water bottles on the move and get rewarded.

We would like to play our part in reducing the 2.5 billion of cups and 7.5 billion water bottles, we are using every year in the UK and break the plastic habit. We like to give you the tools and raw knowledge to Recycle, Reuse* and Reduce single use plastics

Our app is bridging the gap of the desire consumers have to recycle and how they can actually do it effectively.

How does the HELPFUL APP WORK?

Point the camera and scan the label of a coffee cup or a water bottle. We identify it and guide you on how and where to recycle it responsibly.

We have a growing of network of HELPFUL Bin where we can guaranty you that the plastic will be recycled and given a second life.

(check out the products we identify and where you can find our HELPFUL bins)

For every piece of plastic you recycle, you earn HELPFUL Coins (our proprietary rewards token). You can use them to get eco-friendly products, such as re-usable water bottles to help you break the plastic habit.

* Our ’reuse and get rewarded’ functionality will be launched in January 2019

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