About us

HELPFUL is a London based start up on a mission to create a plastic free future.

We have developed our zero-waste platform to eliminate single use food and drinks containers on the go. We are using a high tech solution to make reusable containers and recycling easy and convenient to everyone, everywhere at anytime.

HELPFUL has purpose at its core, we are contributing to significant environmental benefits, changing peoples’ behaviours, helping millions of people live a plastic-free life and save the future of our planet.

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Currently available in the UK, we are promoting over 5K public locations to reuse coffee cups, water bottles and food containers and recycle plastic bottles and coffee cups.

We are partnering with food retailers, businesses and brands to implement our zero waste solutions and make reusing and recycling convenient, operationally feasible, scalable and financially viable.

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If you’d like to talk to us about a project, or like to become one of our partners, please get in touch