People 'sleepwalking' over single-use plastic bottles


By Philip Edwards, Sky News Reporter

Too many people are failing to change their ways to minimise damage to the environment caused by single-use plastic bottles.

That is the finding in a survey by Keep Britain Tidy and Brita, which found that more than a fifth of people do not use a reusable water bottle, or have lost one and not bothered to replace it.

Only 36% regularly carry a reusable water bottle with them, and fewer than a third (31%) feel guilty about buying throwaway bottled water.

Of the 2,138 people questioned by YouGov, more than half (55%) said they owned a reusable water bottle, 17% said they have one but do not regularly use it, while 2% have never used the one they own.

Meanwhile, 3% have lost their reusable bottle and not bothered to replace it.